Nurseries are an integral part of plant enthusiasts’ lives. Whether you’ve been growing and tending to plants for years or just starting with succulents, they provide a way to expand your collection. San Francisco is the perfect place to find a reputable nursery, as there is no shortage of amazing places to buy plants. From online shops that cater to specific needs to physical stores where you can get advice from experts, there are endless choices for nurseries.

From plant swaps and classes to lush gardens and special events – all of San Francisco’s nurseries offer something different and bring something special into our homes. Each of these 10 Dazzling SF Nurseries holds its unique charm, providing the perfect environment for finding that next addition for your houseplant family.

Plus, you can find exactly what you’re looking for with an ever-evolving inventory and knowledgeable staff. So don’t let anyone hold you back from discovering the wonders of indoor gardening – come explore these amazing SF plant havens today.

Here are 10 Best Gardening Stores Near Me

1. Clement Nursery

Clement Nursery is an outstanding nursery offering high-quality plants and more. Founded in Richmond approximately 80 years ago, it originates at an old dairy farm from 1904. Clement Nursery proves that the beauty of nature can transcend through even the oldest structures.

Visitors to Clement Nursery will be able to peruse a variety of plants, both uncommon and classic. Whether you’re an avid gardener or simply someone wishing to breathe life into their home with some greenery, Clement Nursery is certain to have something that caters to your wants.

In addition, customers are encouraged to ask one of the knowledgeable staff for advice on care for their plants. Located conveniently in San Francisco at 1921 Clement Street, this is well worth the trip.

2. Flowercraft Garden Center

Flowercraft Garden Center is a San Francisco staple, having served the industrial district for over 46 years. Established in 1974, this garden center specializes in providing its customers with top-notch service and quality plants.

Inside you’ll find every kind of flower imaginable. From magnolias and lilies to cacti and succulents, Flowercraft has got it all. They even offer Christmas trees during the holiday season.

In light of the recent pandemic, Flowercraft has implemented special shopping hours on Wednesday mornings from 7:30 am-8:30 am for senior citizens and those with compromised immune systems.

This allows these individuals to shop safely while helping keep the environment clean at Flowercraft Garden Center. With its unparalleled selection and safety protocols, this garden center is a must-see if you’re out in the San Francisco area– located at 550 Bayshore Blvd.

3. SF Plants

SF Plants is an exciting Bella Fiora A Floral Design Studio addition. Established two decades ago in San Francisco, it is run by SF native Dino and Irishman Mark. With its upcoming expansion of 1,500 square feet, planned for March, it promises to provide a larger selection than ever.

Whether customers wish to order a stunning floral arrangement or select a beautiful houseplant for themselves, they can do so at SF Plants’ location: 1475 Polk St, Suite 6, San Francisco, CA.

The savvy plant owners have found success with their top-quality house plants sourced from nurseries worldwide. From common favorites like succulents and cacti to rare varieties such as philodendron and fiddle leaf figs – there’s always something fresh in store at SF Plants.

Along with colorful blooms of flowers arranged professionally for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries, their garden experts are available on demand for a consultation about outdoor vegetation needs.

4. Sloat Garden Center

Sloat Garden Center provides a safe, reliable space for Bay Area gardeners to find the necessary supplies and plants. With 13 stores, Sloat has become an essential part of many San Francisco gardens since 1958, offering high-quality gardening equipment, soil, and plants in their bustling stores.

Sloat is easily accessible for folks across the Bay Area, with San Francisco, Marin County, and Contra Costa County locations. Members of the local community flock to their stores according to season to get what they need – whether it’s soil and seeds during springtime or dramatic winter holiday plants before Christmas.

Central SF locations include 2700 Sloat Blvd., 3237 Pierce St., and 327 3rd Ave., allowing locals to shop on the weekend or after work conveniently. Whether you’re new to gardening or are looking for a unique living gift, Sloat Garden Center has something for everyone.

5. Flora Grubb Gardens

Flora Grubb Gardens is a unique and welcoming garden center in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood. Established in 2008, this urban oasis is the go-to spot for gardeners of all skill levels who are looking to spruce up their outdoor space.

Flora Grubb Gardens carries a wide selection of plants and garden supplies, from succulents and air plants to trees, shrubs, and flowering perennials.

The team at Flora Grubb Gardens is passionate about helping customers create beautiful outdoor spaces. They are always willing to offer guidance, whether it’s helping you pick out the perfect plant or giving advice on how to care for it.

The shop also hosts workshops throughout the year, so you can learn how to design and care for your own garden. Flora Grubb Gardens is located at 1634 Jerrold Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124.

6. Hortica

Hortica is the go-to nursery of the Castro district in San Francisco, California. It has been around for 25 years and offers customers a comprehensive selection of plants. From seasonal flowers to more exotic carnivorous plants, over 240 flats of different species are available.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Hortica is always ready to help you determine what might be best for your home or garden. If you have any questions about your plants, they can also help diagnose problems and provide helpful advice on ensuring their growth and longevity.

Hortica offers an incredibly varied selection of indoor and outdoor options for the devout horticulturist and boasts a convenient location at 566 Castro St in San Francisco – making it easier than ever to get started on a lush, vibrant horticultural adventure.

7. Roots

If you’re looking for plants to beautify your indoor space, look no further than Roots. They have an amazing selection of flowering and green plants, fruit-bearing trees, exotic orchids, succulents, vertical gardening kits, and terrariums that are sure to please.

Roots consider your needs when recommending a plant; this is important if you live in an urban area or if your home has particular lighting needs. They’ll help to connect you with the right specialists to get started growing. Stop by Roots in San Francisco and enjoy some beautiful flora.

8. Living Green Design

Living Green Design is an impressive environmentally conscious store with stunning garden sculptures, beautiful plants, and specialized landscaping services. Led by a team of award-winning landscape designers with an eye for superior plant and material selection, each project is conducted meticulously, providing high-end products in comfort and style.

From small aesthetic details to the bigger picture, Living Green Design considers customers’ opinions and interests when deciding on their outdoor environment. With eco-friendly options for creating outdoor living spaces that do not compromise on quality and safety standards, Living Green Design ensures that everything they design meets the highest industry standards while deeply considering their client’s needs and wishes

Located at 1485 Custer Avenue in San Francisco, California, this flourishing garden supply shop is the perfect place to find everything one needs to make their dream backyard come alive.

9. Arcana

Arcana is an innovative new urban greenhouse in the heart of the city. At Arcana, visitors are met with dozens of flourishing plants, beautiful pottery and gardening tools to adorn their homes, and comfy couches for lounging.

Natural light floods the space through an impressive lofted ceiling full of raw wooden beams and skylights. This natural luminosity creates a tranquil oasis, setting the stage for indoor and outdoor plant collection.

Arcana turns up the energy on weekends by hosting live jazz nights while transforming into a wine bar in the evenings. This modern atmosphere will transport you to another world full of nature’s beauty while providing you with amenities that will keep you relaxed and inspired. Whether you’re looking for fresh air or just need some time away from city life, Arcana is sure to be your haven.

10. Paxton Gate

Paxton Gate is the perfect place to explore the quirky and eclectic world of taxidermy, exotic insects, and carnivorous plants. This renowned store in San Francisco’s Mission District is definitely a must-visit for anyone looking to add character to their home or garden.

A vast selection of unique plants and succulents can be found in their delightful garden, along with tools and books dedicated to gardening. Those interested in more unconventional items will find a huge collection of taxidermy animals and other curiosities, such as witch mice.

In addition to the large selection available onsite, Paxton Gate also has an online shop allowing customers worldwide to shop for these peculiar items from their homes. Whether you’re looking for something new and exciting for your garden or a conversation starter for your living room, Paxton Gate has it all.


Many great gardening stores are near San Francisco, CA. Roots specialize in providing indoor plants that meet a variety of lighting and urban needs. Living Green Design offers stunning garden sculptures and specialized landscaping services. Arcana is an innovative new urban greenhouse that doubles as a jazz bar in the evenings.

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