A long-growing trend in interior design is the use of green plants. There are a ton of inventive indoor plant decorating ideas to attempt thanks to the inventiveness of homeowners and interior designers.

Whatever your design taste, you’ll find that experimenting with one or more of these houseplant décor ideas might be a terrific way to add a bit more life to your home in addition to being aesthetically pleasing and bringing a new, organic texture to your spaces.

Benefits of Decorating with Plants Indoor

As we strive to re-establish our connection with nature and welcome its soul-nourishing, relaxing impact into our homes, decorating with plants has been immensely popular in recent years.

Indoor plants are versatile decorating ideas and are used by interior designers as living works of art. They come in a wide variety of shapes, forms, colors, and textures, from large leafy palms to small shapely cacti, not to mention flowering varieties.

All rooms of the house benefit from having plants; for example, bathroom plants can significantly improve this frequently underappreciated space.

Plants have a wide range of health advantages and are aesthetically pleasing and fragrant. In addition to helping to purify the air, indoor gardening can be a very conscious hobby, and strategically placed Feng Shui plants are said to boost the flow of positive energy throughout your home.

However, take caution to consider the maintenance requirements of house plants before rushing to fill your home with them. Choose plants appropriate for the space you are decorating and arrange them where they will flourish because different plants have different behaviors.

For those who don’t have green fingers, there is also the option to decorate with flowers, and for an everlasting show, there are many artificial plants readily accessible.

Here are some indoor plants decoration ideas for your living room:

1. A living room with a green plant accent wall

Your rooms can still be green even if your thumb isn’t very green! This idea of a vertical wall garden lends itself nicely to artificial greenery, especially if you use mostly silk plants.

2. Adorn your shelves with house plants

When it comes to adorning shelves, plants are a need for many interior designers and stylists.

This lavish arrangement, which includes a variety of cascading ferns, spider plants, and potted pelargoniums, gives the family living room the appearance of an indoor jungle.

3. A tabletop terrarium with plants

These adorable terrariums are a simple and affordable way to decorate your living spaces with the brilliant colors and textures of indoor plants.

4. Beautify partition shelving

In an open-concept living area, a variety of indoor plants can add the ideal finishing touch to a room divider.

Plants with expressionistic, organic forms are a wonderful antidote to the severe architectural lines of contemporary divider shelves in addition to adding flashes of vivid color.

These shelves, which are decorated with a variety of plant species arranged at various heights (from top: Devil’s Ivy, Snake Plant, and Philodendron), assist in quietly dividing this living and eating area while upholding a bright and airy atmosphere throughout.

5. A snake plant growing as a window barrier

An ingenious method to let all the light in while still preserving some privacy is with an interior window box packed with snake plants!

Most Beautiful Plants For Your Living Room

If you are planning to decorate your living room with plants, here are some beautiful indoor plants to choose:

1. Areca Palm (Dypsis Lutescens)

This plant is adaptive to various water and light conditions. Meaning you can plant it in your living room or situate it somewhere outside your patio. When it blossoms, its bright green leaves will form a luscious crown around an upright trunk.

2. Swiss Cheese Plant

This is a lovely houseplant with a dark green, ovate, glossy leaf. It can grow to over 4 ft and can bring in a soft, bright atmosphere to your living room.

3. Ficus Benghalensis

Ficus is a great plant if you are looking to create a healthy and relaxing living space. It comes in various varieties. The shape, size and textures also differ with the species. Choose the one that works for you.

4. Areca Palm

This specie of plant is a crowd pleaser. Having this plant in your living space will always wow your family and friends. You can get it as a live in or faux plant in most gardens and décor outlets. 

This classy plant has large glossy leaves that are both decadent and tidy. Plus it is low maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Where Should I Place My Living Room Plants?

As a general rule, adding focal point plants makes spaces look more fascinating. You may add depth to your space by hanging plants from the walls. You can also place them on your tables, shelves, window, staircases, and many other strategic places in your living room.

How to Organize Indoor Plants In Your Living Room

There are several considerations to make while using indoor plants as decor. You need to think about how the plants are cared for and their environment as well as how they look in the particular location. 

For instance, although some plants require a location by a window to develop, others can endure low light and thrive in awkward spaces like your bathroom. As you introduce more plants into your home, bear the following advice in mind:

  • Pick various sizes

Plants should be grouped in varying widths and heights. Compared to plants that are the same size, which just looks uniform, the variances in size create a more organic appearance.

  • Sort the Items in Odd Numbers

Plants should always be grouped in odd numbers. When utilizing an even number, the layout may appear overly symmetrical and professional. Odd numbers have a more relaxed appearance.

  • Add Greenery With Colorful Leaves

Pay attention to the plants’ hues when selecting them. Plants with similar-colored leaves should be grouped to create a unified appearance. Choose plants with colorful foliage for more significant variation.

How Many Plants Can I Put In My Living Room?

Placing 6 to 8 medium or large-sized low-light indoor plants in your living room is enough to give it the look you require.

What Kind of Plants Can I Keep In My Living Room?

Some plants that can thrive well indoors include aloe vera, syngonium, aglaonema, peace lily, anthurium, and many others.

Are Indoor Plants Hard to Maintain?

No, it is not. Most houseplants need to be watered at least once a week. Succulents may need to be watered only once a month since they can hold water in their leaves and stems. However, wetting soils may lead to rotting roots and early death.

Wrap Up!

Beautifying your living room with indoor plants gives it a more refreshing and inviting look. It is also believed to have a positive effect on your mental and physical health. 

The above mentioned design ideas are easy. If you don’t do it right the first time, don’t fret. As the general rule applies; before we get things right, we often need to get them wrong the first time.

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