Find the Perfect Pair of Vintage Gardening Gloves

Do you hate wearing gloves when gardening? I used to, too. But then I got a pair of vintage gardening gloves from the thrift store and found them perfect for my hands. They are soft, flexible, and breathable, so it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything on them.

So, if you’re looking for new pairs of sturdy but comfortable gloves that will last years instead of weeks or months – here’s how to find them.

What are vintage gardening gloves?

Vintage gardening gloves are made of lined and inter-lined leather for the sleeves. Each pair is unique, designed by Glove Specialists, and made in Devon.

Vintage gardening gloves come in sizes XS to XL but can only be ordered as a custom order; please get in touch with us for availability information.

The vintage gardening glove is an excellent choice for gardeners who want to protect their hands from the elements while still being able to work comfortably.

The gloves have been tested to keep your hands warm and dry during outdoor activities such as digging, planting, pruning, mowing, etc. They also protect against blisters and cuts.

The gloves are available in two styles:

1) Classic style with buttoned cuffs and fingerless design (shown above). This style is great for those who prefer a more classic look. In addition, it has a longer length than our other styles, which makes it ideal for taller people.

2) Loose fit with elastic wristbands (shown below). These gloves are best for people who don’t mind having extra room around their wrists.

Why do I need vintage gardening gloves?

You don’t have to wear gloves if you don’t want to. However, working with plants, soil, tools, etc., you’ll want to protect your skin from scratching. You also won’t want to get blisters because of all the work you’re doing.

And you don’t want to ruin your clothes or shoes. In addition, you may need a pair of gardening clogs for those times when you’re in the garden and it’s muddy.

Is it true that gloves aren’t necessary when gardening?

Yes, indeed, gloves aren’t necessary. But unfortunately, many people choose not to wear any gloves while gardening. The reason is that gloves make it harder to grip things (like spades, hoes, trowels, etc.) and restrict movement. So, if you’re not using gloves, you might hurt yourself.

But what about those gloves that look like gardening gloves but are mittens? Why would anyone use those?

Mittens are great for winter gardening. They keep your hands warm and dry but allow you to move freely. Plus, they’re easy to wash off after you’re done gardening.

So, suppose you’re looking for a pair of practical, stylish gloves. In that case, you should consider buying a pair of vintage gardening mittens.

How can you find the perfect pair of vintage gardening gloves?

There are a few things to remember when searching for the perfect pair of vintage gardening gloves. Such as:

1. You’ll want to make sure that the gloves are lined. This will help protect your hands from the elements and from getting scratched by plants or other debris. In addition, you should look for gloves with reinforced fingertips. These will give you a better grip on tools and allow you to work in wet conditions without worrying about slipping.

2. You’ll want to choose a size that fits comfortably. Gloves come in sizes XS to XL, so measure your hand before purchasing.

3. Finally, remember that gloves are often made to order, so it may take some time to receive your perfect pair. In addition, if you’re looking for something special or unique, you might have to wait until the next season’s collection is available.

The benefits of vintage gardening gloves

1. They are lined and interlined for the sleeves to protect from harmful plants.

2. Each pair is unique, designed by Gloves Specialists, and Made in Devon.

3. Vintage gardening gloves are available in sizes XS to XL and can be made to order.

4. They are comfortable and durable.

5. They are affordable.

6. They are eco-friendly.

7. They are fashionable.

8. They are timeless.

9. They are versatile.

The things you should consider when choosing vintage gardening gloves:

  • The size of the gloves
  • The style of the gloves
  • The material of the gloves
  • How well do the gloves fit

How can you take care of your vintage gardening gloves?

1. Buy a pair of good garden gloves.

2. Choose a pair of spraying gloves, cowhide leather gloves for heavy-duty work, or lightweight polyester-cotton gloves for less demanding tasks.

3. Keep your gloves clean by following the manufacturer’s instructions for washing them.

4. Use care when handling liquids and chemicals, and buy the correct type of glove for the job.

5. Store your gloves in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.

6. If you live in an area with frequent rains, store your gloves in plastic bags to prevent mildew.

7. You can also line your gloves with cotton cloths to keep them soft and supple.

8. Don’t forget to replace your gloves every year.

Here are some of the best types of vintage gardening gloves

Cowhide Leather Gloves – Heavy-duty gloves made of cowhide leather. Cowhide leather is very strong and flexible. In addition, it has a natural protective layer, making it resistant to water and dirt.

Polyester Cotton Gloves – Lightweight gloves made of polyester and cotton. Polyester cotton gloves are ideal for light gardening jobs. They are breathable and quick drying.

Polypropylene Gloves – Waterproof gloves made of synthetic materials such as polypropylene. They are great for gardening because they won’t get dirty easily.

Leather Gloves: Leather gloves are usually used for more delicate jobs such as pruning roses. They are easy to maintain and last longer than other types of gloves.

Gardening Gloves: Garden gloves are usually made of leather or vinyl. These gloves are suitable for all kinds of gardening activities.

Gardening Gloves: Garden gloves can be made of any fabric. They are useful for many different jobs around the house.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. How Do I Determine The Size Of My Garden Gloves?

To determine your glove size, measure the circumference of your 4 main knuckles, not your thumb. You should choose a size small if your knuckles are between 6.5 and 7.25 inches (16.5 and 18.4 cm). The size that feels most comfortable to you depends on the circumference of your knuckles.

2. Should Weed Be Cut Or Pulled?

Using a string trimmer, hoe, or lawn mower to cut weeds is far less effective than pulling them. A weed, including its roots, can’t grow back if pulled completely out. The roots of weeds will grow new shoots continuously if you cut them instead of pulling them.

3. Can Beginners Wear 14 Oz Gloves?

The rest is pretty straightforward. You should choose lightweight training gloves between 12 and 14 ounces for beginners. Anyone between 120 and 200 pounds is recommended to wear these gloves.

4. After Vinegar Treatment, Will The Grass Grow Back?

You can if the grass seedlings are less than two weeks old. In that case, there is not enough root development for new blades to grow. Broadleaf grass is more likely to die back to the soil, but its roots will produce new leaves anyway.


There are many ways to protect yourself from harmful chemicals while doing yard work. One of the easiest methods is wearing rubber-coated gloves. Rubber-coated gloves provide excellent protection against chemical sprays, fertilizers, and pesticides. That’s where vintage gloves are doing their best. After reading this, I hope you find the perfect pair of vintage.

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