Looking to visit a bush center? The Bush Garden offers various fantastic fun activities to fill any adrenaline craving.

The parking lot is located just north of the Bush Center, and offers various parking options to contain every visitor.

Its additional parking is within a walking distance at both the Moody and Binkley Parking Garages. The main lot is a walk from the park, however, they have a tram that would make rounds to pick you up and get you to the entrance.

There’s another lot which is a short walk as it is a short walk from the gate. Visitors are strongly encouraged to utilise the Dallas Area Rapid Transit System (DART).

Bunch center has two locations. Lovers Lane and Mockingbird DART. Both are located within one mile of the Bush Center. Free parking is available at the Mockingbird DART Station.

From the Mockingbird DART Station, visitors have two choices as they can take the Route 768 Mustang Express or the Route 743 Museum Express which drops off and picks up directly at the entrance to the Bush Center. Some additional parking for Bush Center visitors is available in various parking garages on the SMU campus.

How Much is Bush Center Parking?

Visitors are usually charged $5 per car for the first hour and $1.00 for every thirty minutes spent. Payment is through credit card when leaving and parking is available on a first come first serve basis.

The two stations, Lovers Lane and Mockingbird DART, are located within one mile of the Bush Center.

The Moody and Binkley Parking Garages are barely away from each other within the garden.

Visitors may park in the Binkley or Moody Parking Garages for a little token. During the favourite SMU football games, basketball games, and other special events parking on campus might be reduced and become more expensive than usual.

Parking at the Tampa Busch Gardens

Parking at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is not free, however, it costs a little fee. This doesn’t mean there are no free options.

Annual passholder can have a complimentary or discounted rate. While general parking costs $30 per vehicle, preferred parking starts at $35, whether you’re driving a motorcycle or an RV. Prices are subject to changes, especially during rush seasons.

Wrap Up!

For a truly wild vacation, there’s no better than visiting Bush center. Busch Gardens Tampa also offers a great option for fun, and relaxation.

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