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There are over 70 stores across England and Wales. They stock everything from lawnmowers to fertilizers. In addition, they also sell seeds, bulbs, and compost. Their range of products allows them to cater to every aspect of gardening.

Suppose you have some gardeners in life, and some special occasion of theirs is knocking at the door. In that case, Dobbie’s garden center is the best option for choosing the perfect gift. It has helped me once to bring a simile to my gardener friend. I can assure you it will help you out, too. So, dig in to know the best Dobbies Garden Center gifts.

About Dobbies Garden Centre

Dobbies Garden Centre was established in 1865 by James Dobbie. The company started as a small seed shop in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has since grown into one of the largest garden center chains in the United Kingdom.

In the following century, the company built up a customer base of 50,000 through a seed catalog business after being awarded the Royal Warrant for Gardeners and Nurserymen.

Founded in 1969 in Scotland, the company expanded into England in 1987 and was listed on AIM. As a seed merchant, Dobbies continued to operate until 1984. David Barnes, managing director of Waterers, then purchased it. Dobbies opened five garden centers in Scotland between 1984 and 1989.

When Dobbies went public in 1997, it expanded into England, enabling them to grow its garden center operations further south.

Dobbies Garden Centre offers various products and services for gardeners of all experience levels. They have exclusive new plant ranges, gardening supplies, outdoor furniture, and more. This offer from Dobbies Garden Center is the perfect time to give your garden a lift.

Here are some of the best Dobbies Garden Center gifts

Dobbies Butterfly Mat

Wildflower seeds are impregnated into butterfly mats to attract butterflies. You can choose from the following varieties of seeds: Knapweed mix, Red Campion, Corn Chamomile, Corn Marigold, Betony, Corn Poppy, Lady’s Bedstraw, Corn Cockle, Yarrow, Cornflower, Ragged Robin, Hawkweed, Dyers Chamomile, Sweet William, and Catchfly.

K & S Stainless Steel Hand Transplanting Trowel

The K&S Stainless Steel Hand Transplant Trowel is a stainless-steel trowel with an ergonomic handle and comfortable grip to help you easily work in tight or awkward places.

The blade has been crafted from high-quality stainless steel that allows it to be used for years without rusting, but if you want to clean it, wipe it down with a damp cloth. This will help your gardener’s friend dig around without any hassle.

Bamboo Pot Scraper

This pot scraper is made from bamboo by hand, using traditional techniques to create a durable tool that lasts for many years. The pot scraper is designed to help remove soil from pots, tubs, and planters. This is a great way to add a practical touch to your gardener’s house.

Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is essential for anyone who loves to play outside. Your gardeners’ friends can use this electric lawn mower to cut grass and maintain their yards. It delivers a powerful performance thanks to its 36V lithium-ion battery.

Dobbies Garden Centre often holds Christmas parties, Easter egg hunts, and summer fetes. They also provide workshops where you can learn about gardening and other topics.

Green RHS Pocket Pruner Burgon & Ball

The Green RHS Pocket Pruner is a small, lightweight pruning tool designed for use in the garden or on windowsills. The tool features a long handle with an adjustable-length cutting blade at one end and a folding spike at the other.

When not used, a removable pocket clip secures the tool to your belt loop. It’s easy to carry around and can be used to trim back branches and twigs up to 1.5 inches thick.

RHS Lawn Edging Shear Burgon & Ball

Lawn edgers are now a common sight in many yards. They can edge lawns, shrub beds, and flowerbeds and remove unwanted stones or other debris from the yard.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to hiring professional landscaping services, consider using a rotary-powered shear burger and ball.

30cm Red Roller Moss Removal Rake Head Wolf Garten

The red roller moor grass removal rake head is ideal for gardeners who need to remove moss and other vegetation from their plants. The specially designed roller head lets you easily remove unwanted growth without damaging your garden or lawn.

It also has a wire guard, making it safer than traditional rakes when used on garden areas with soft ground, such as paths, footpaths, and patios.

Tractor Hose Reels with Ratchet Handle

If you have a tractor, then you know how important hoses are. Whether watering your crops or spraying pesticides, hose reels make them easier to manage.

These hoses come in different sizes, so you’ll always find one that fits your needs. Ensure you protect your hose reel with a cover that keeps insects away.

Weed Whacker

With many attachments, the Weedwhacker is the perfect power tool. You’ll be able to clear weeds from your garden quickly and efficiently. It has two interchangeable blades, a narrow one for close work and a wider one for larger jobs.

Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmers are valuable tools for keeping gardens neat. They make short work of overgrown hedges and bushes, allowing you to enjoy a neatly trimmed garden daily. Choose between electric and petrol models depending on what kind of use you plan to put your hedge trimmer through.

Strawberry Saver

This handy strawberry saver is great if you’re growing strawberries and require lots of space. It folds to fit into pots and can even be attached directly to a wall. Just fill it with water to prevent the soil from drying out.

Electric Hedge Trimmer

You could invest in an electric hedge trimmer if you don’t want to get your friend’s hands dirty while gardening. Electric hedge trimmers are lighter than petrol ones and quickly work large and small jobs. It just takes a few minutes to charge the battery, and you can cut anywhere between 3 and 12 feet long.

Gold Leaf Soft Touch Ladies Gloves

These ladies’ soft touch gloves are made from a luxurious blend of leather and cashmere, with a smooth lining and comfortable thumb. They have an elastic cuff that is easy to wear and remove. The leather is soft and supple, making them perfect for the coldest days. This pair comes in white or black.

Kids Wooden Handle Spade Smart Garden Tool

With the children’s wooden handle spade smart gardening tool, you can easily dig up any soil and ensure your garden is adequately prepared for planting. The spade’s unique design makes it easy to get into small areas such as flower beds or other raised areas without digging too deep. It also features a comfortable grip.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. Can I Bring My Dog To Dobbies Garden Centre?

Yes, Dobbies Garden Centre welcomes well-behaved dogs on a leash. However, they must be controlled at all times and are not permitted in the food hall or indoor restaurant areas. There are designated outdoor seating areas to enjoy a meal with your furry friend.

2. Are There Wheelchair Accessible Facilities At Dobbies Garden Centre?

Yes, Dobbies Garden Centre is committed to being accessible for all visitors. They have wheelchair-accessible pathways throughout the center and disabled parking spaces near the entrance. There are also disabled toilets available for use. If you have any specific accessibility requirements, contacting the center in advance is always best to ensure they can accommodate your needs.

3. What Kind Of Products Can I Expect To Find At Dobbies Garden Centre?

Dobbies Garden Centre offers a wide range of products for all your gardening needs. They have a diverse selection of plants, flowers, shrubs, gardening tools, furniture, and decorations. You can also find outdoor living essentials such as BBQs, patio heaters, and garden lighting. Additionally, they have an extensive range of indoor plants, homeware, and gifts.

4. Do Dobbies Garden Centre Offer A Delivery Service?

Yes, Dobbies Garden Centre offers a delivery service for their products. Whether you’re purchasing plants, furniture, or garden accessories, you can arrange for them to be delivered to your home for a small fee. The delivery fee may vary depending on the size and weight of the items being delivered and the distance to your location. When purchasing, it’s best to inquire about the specific delivery options and costs.

5. Can I Book A Table At The Restaurant At Dobbies Garden Centre?

Yes, you can book a table at the restaurant at Dobbies Garden Centre. They have an online booking system where you can select the date and time you’d like to dine. It is advisable to book in advance, especially during peak times or on weekends, to ensure availability. The restaurant offers a variety of freshly prepared meals, including breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea, using locally sourced ingredients.


Dobbie’s garden center is the best choice for any gardener. They are full of options, and when gifting your gardener gift, there isn’t any better than the Dobbies Garden Center. I hope the above list has helped you choose the best gift.

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