12 Really Cool Luxury Gifts for Gardeners

Gardening is relaxing, rewarding, and good exercise. Yet sometimes, gardening comes at a price. You spend a lot of time outdoors, often under glaring sun rays or in windy conditions. If you garden year-round, you might even be exposed to harsh weather extremes. If you have a garden freak, then this article is for you. These 12 gifts for gardeners who have everything will give them a little something extra during their outdoor activities.

Here are some cool luxury gifts for gardeners:

1. Garden Genie Gloves - 5 Pack

The Garden Genie Glove is a must-have for your garden. This glove has been designed to protect your hands from harmful pests such as snakes, spiders, and insects. The gloves are soft cotton and protect you while working in the garden or around your home.

2. Garden Cufflinks – 3 Pack

These cufflinks are perfect for anyone that loves gardening. They look great on any outfit and are sure to make you stand out when wearing them. They come in three different colors, so you can match them up with anything.

3. Tree Face Sculpture

Are you ever afraid of the woods when you're alone? You can bring your favorite big trees to life with this resin tree sculpture. An approximate number of eyes: two. It is easy to install a tree with a mouth and mustache of about 10" tall and 3" in diameter.

You will receive hardware with the order. There is a shallow bowl in the mouth of the face where you can place birdseed for the birds to eat. You can hang this outside without worry. 

4. Outdoor Floral Garden Lights - Solar Powered

This set of outdoor floral garden lights resembles lilies. They're made out of plastic, so you won't find them breaking easily. You'll love how easy it is to change the colors. Simply press down on each light bulb and watch it go from one color to another.

These lights aren't just for looks; they're designed to help save the environment. Each flower uses less electricity than a single LED bulb. Plus, they're completely water resistant. So even during the rainy season, you can rest assured knowing your bulbs will still shine bright.

5. Solar Bee Light For the Garden

This adorable little guy is called the "Solar Bee Light." It uses solar energy to power its eyes, and you don't need to change batteries.

The bee affixes to the stake that is 43 inches tall. The bee itself is nine inches long.

6. Solar Garden Frog With Light-Up Eyes

This funny little fellow wants to help you light up your garden at night. He glows in the dark with his eyes powered by solar lights. You won't see him unless he chooses to show himself, but once he does, he'll make sure you're smiling daily.

The Solar Garden Frog is a great gift for anyone who loves gardening or likes being outside. A fun way to say, "I care about what you do."

7. Tree Face Sculpture

This resin tree sculpture gives life to our favorite big trees. Two eyes, approx. Three inches in diameter and a mouth and mustachio about ten inches tall, easily install into a tree trunk. The hardware is included. The mouth of the face is a bit of a shallow basin where you can put birdseed for your aviary neighbors. This is safe for outdoor use.

8. Chia Statue

If you want to give someone something special this holiday season, why not give them a piece of history? You could buy a sculpture of President Washington or even a replica of Mount Rushmore, but what about giving them a real, living version of the great man?

One such example is the Chia George Washington Bust. Made out of chia seeds, this statue looks just like the original sculpted portrait of our first president.

The Chia George Washington Bust is actually part of a larger set called the Chia Collection. There are eight different pieces in total, each depicting a famous person from history.

Each piece includes a detailed instruction manual, seed packet, and recipe card. While some of the statues are meant to grow into full heads of hair, the Chia George Washington is designed specifically to sprout a single, full head of chia petals.

9. Inspirational Rocks

This collection of 50 polished pebbles features etched rocks. Each one has an engraving of an inspiring word. These are great to scatter around the garden bed, or you could fill an entire planter with these and place it at the garden entrance to inspire visitors. This is a perfect gift for the gardener who has everything. You can find this product on Amazon.com.

10. Faux Stone Flower Pot

These faux stone flower pots look quite realistic when placed next to each other. However, when you look closer, you'll notice that the flowers have stems. These come pre-attached to the pot.

11. Watering Can Lanterns

You can turn any ordinary watering can into a lantern. All you need to do is cut off the top and bottom halves of the can, then drill two holes through the side so you can hang the lantern from a hook. Once you've done all that, you simply add a candle inside, and voila. You have yourself a handy hanging lantern.

12. Zombie Plant Kit

Have you ever wondered what happens to plants after you die? Well, now you don't have to wonder anymore because a zombie plant kit is here. This creepy gift includes everything you need to raise a zombie plant from seed. You'll even receive a package containing a zombie plant starter kit, soil, seeds, instructions, and a coffin-shaped container.

The zombie plant kit contains three types of seeds: red, green, and blue. Once you've planted them, you'll see how the zombies react to different stimuli. If you're feeling brave, you can place the plant outside and watch it slowly decompose over time.

If you want to ensure no one sees your zombie plant, you can keep it inside the coffin. When you open the lid, it will look like the plant is sleeping. However, it will wake up once you touch it and start acting like a zombie plant. It won't move around much, but it will still try to eat anything nearby.

You can use the zombie plant kit to teach kids about death and life. They might find it interesting to learn about the process of decomposition. Kids will love watching the zombie plant change colors and seeing how it reacts to different things. And if you do decide to give it away, it makes a great gag gift for Halloween.

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Gifting someone is a hard yet very pleasant feeling. When you are on a budget, you can find the most unique and eye-catching items. I put together those type of 12 gifts which is unique yet effective for a garden lover.

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