Are you tired of looking at that overgrown mess of a garden in your backyard? Maybe you recently moved into a new house with an unkempt garden, or you haven’t had the time or energy to maintain yours. Either way, it’s time to clear it and look presentable again.

But how much will it cost you? Understanding the cost of garden clearance before diving in headfirst is important. This article explores the factors contributing to the cost and estimates what you can expect to pay for garden clearance. So, grab a cup of tea and dive into the garden clearance cost.

How Much Does Garden Clearance Cost?

Garden waste clearance can be essential for homeowners, as it rids their outdoor area of accumulated and potentially hazardous debris. The clearance cost can vary depending on the size and volume of garden waste that needs to be handled – it is important to note this during the estimate process.

For example, 100kg of waste will usually cost £15 to remove the waste itself, with labor fees adding £75 to the total. This makes the fee, in this case, come out to £90 for the full job.

Higher quantities are likely to require a higher labor charge due to longer times necessary to complete them – 500kg could take up to an hour and a half and then add up to £230. Going larger still, 1 tonne might take two-and-a-half hours, with costs estimated at £300 when all is said and done.

Regardless of which size is chosen, garden waste clearance costs will always factor in removal costs and labor charges to give accurate estimates for customers looking into cleaning their yards.

Garden Clearance Costing Chart

Sure! Here’s a table summarizing the information provided:

Service TypeCost per hour (Excl. VAT)Typical Job DurationWaste Disposal Costs
Basic garden clearance£40 – £602 – 4 hours£120 – £300
Garden waste removal£80 – £1202 – 4 hoursIncluded in the cost
Overgrown garden clearance£120 – £2004 – 8 hours£200 – £400
Tree and branch removal£150 – £2504 – 8 hours£150 – £450
Patio and decking clearance£80 – £1202 – 4 hours£150 – £300
Greenhouse and shed clearance£80 – £1202 – 4 hours£80 – £150

Please note that the currency for the UK costs is in pounds (£), and for the Australian cities, it is in dollars ($).

Can You Calculate Garden Clearance By Yourself?

Garden clearance can be a tricky task and is often something that needs professional input. It is important to consider the cost of garden clearance before undertaking any work, and there are a few things that you should take into account when calculating the cost.

Firstly, it is important to consider the amount of waste in your garden, as this will affect the overall removal cost. The type of waste also plays a role; more cumbersome items such as tree trunks or large branches can increase costs compared to grass cuttings and branches.

Secondly, it is essential to understand access points to your garden, as this can affect how long the project will take and how many people may need to be involved for it to be completed quickly and effectively.

Lastly, don’t forget to ask local gardeners how many people they believe would be needed for the task so that you can factor this into your budget calculations too. Keeping these key points in mind will help you get the most appropriate quote when shopping around for garden clearance services.

When Is The Best Time To Clear Your Garden?

The best time to clear your garden depends on the type of garden you have, the size of the area you need to clear, and what type of debris needs to be removed. Generally speaking, spring is often considered the ideal time for garden clearance since it allows enough time for new plants and trees to grow before winter sets in.

January is favorable for clearing overgrown gardens due to minimal growth, resulting in less work and rubbish to remove. Additionally, this time of year provides better visibility of the task and any desired plants to retain.

What Can a Garden Clearance Expert Do for Your Garden?

Garden clearance is an invaluable service when it comes to properly managing the exterior of your home. It typically involves removing all unwanted brush and debris from the outside space, making it far easier to shape and maintain in the future.

This clears the land of any clutter that could potentially be hazardous or unsightly. Removing it makes the garden look more presentable and aesthetically pleasing.

However, there’s more to garden clearance experts than just cleaning up old rubbish. They are also knowledgeable in different aspects of green maintenance, such as pruning trees and bushes, hedge trimming and shaping, turf laying, power washing surfaces, organizing pathways, and decking installation – meaning they can help transform a neglected garden into an area you can enjoy once again.

Professional gardeners will know what needs to be done to meet your specific requirements; they can advise on the best soil types for certain plants and guide outdoor lighting within your new design.

What Factors Influence the Cost of Garden Clearance?

Garden clearance is vital to keeping your garden in check and looking its best. However, a variety of factors can influence the cost of garden clearance, and it’s important to consider these when budgeting for the work. Bellow those things influence the cost o clearance:

Project Duration

The duration of a garden clearance project can vary greatly depending on the size of the garden and the amount of work that needs to be completed. Generally speaking, smaller gardens can take anywhere from one day to several days to complete, while larger gardens may take up to a week or more.

Larger projects may also require additional labor or specialized equipment, which can extend the project’s overall duration.

Location and Accessibility

Garden clearance experts will also consider the location of the garden and its accessibility when estimating a project’s cost. If access to the garden is difficult, for example, if it is in a tight or awkward area, additional labor or specialized equipment may be needed to complete the task. Similarly, extra travel costs may apply if the garden is located in a remote area.

Size of the Garden

The garden size is also an important factor when estimating the cost of a garden clearance project. Generally speaking, larger gardens will require more materials and labor to clear and therefore incur higher costs. In some cases, additional labor or equipment may also be necessary, which can add to the project’s overall cost.

Type of Waste

The type of waste also influences the cost of garden clearance. Some materials, such as metal or particularly heavy items, may need to be disposed of in a special manner and can incur additional costs. Moreover, hazardous materials such as asbestos may require specialized expertise for safe removal.

Garden Clearance Debris

Garden clearance debris is the leftover material from clearing a garden of its vegetation. It can include anything from branches and leaves to shrubs and tree stumps.

The cost of removing this debris can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and type of garden, the amount of debris, and any additional services requested.

For example, if you need your garden cleared of overgrown bushes or trees, the cost may be higher due to the extra effort required.

Overall, the cost of garden clearance can vary greatly depending on the garden size and project duration, the type of waste, and the location and accessibility of the garden. It’s important to consider all these factors when budgeting for a garden clearance project.

How Do I Find and Hire Someone to Clear My Garden?

Finding someone to clear your garden can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the best ways to find and hire someone to help you is to use HouseholdQuotes. This site will connect you with local experienced professionals who can help you with your project.

All you need to do is submit your details, and they will promptly begin looking for people available for the job.

Researching online services or getting recommendations from family and friends is also a great way to ensure you hire someone reliable to provide quality service at a reasonable price. Be sure to check customer reviews before making any commitments, as this will give you confidence that the chosen garden clearance company has prior experience in successfully completing such tasks.

Additionally, ask questions about the materials they plan on using and how they plan on disposing of debris so that nothing goes against safety regulations or environmental standards in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1: What Factors Contribute To The Cost Of Garden Clearance?

Answer: The cost of garden clearance can vary based on several factors. Some key considerations include the size of the garden, the amount and type of waste to be cleared, accessibility of the garden, the need for specialized equipment, and the labor required. Each of these factors plays a role in determining the overall cost.

2: How Much Does Garden Waste Removal Typically Cost?

The cost of garden waste removal can range from $100 to $500 or more, depending on the factors mentioned earlier. The cost may be on the lower end of the scale for small to medium-sized gardens with minimal waste. However, the cost can be higher for larger gardens or gardens with significant amounts of waste.

3: Are There Any Additional Fees Or Charges I Should Know Of?

Answer: In some cases, additional fees may apply. For example, if your garden clearance requires a skip or a dumpster, rental fees might be involved. Additionally, if there are any hazardous materials or specialized waste that require special handling or disposal, there may be extra charges for these services.

4: Can I Save Money By Doing The Garden Clearance Myself?

Answer: While it is possible to save money by clearing the garden yourself, it’s important to consider the time, effort, and resources required. Garden clearance can be physically demanding, especially if heavy lifting or extensive manual labor is involved. Renting equipment or disposing of waste properly can add to the overall cost. Hiring professionals may sometimes provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

5: How Can I Get An Accurate Cost Estimate For Garden Clearance?

Answer: To get an accurate cost estimate for garden clearance, it is recommended to contact local garden clearance services or waste removal companies.

They can assess your specific requirements, such as the size and condition of the garden, the type and volume of waste, and any additional services needed. These details can provide you with a more precise cost estimate for your garden clearance project.


The cost of garden clearance can vary greatly depending on various factors. To get an accurate estimate, it is best to contact local garden clearance services and waste removal companies to assess your specific requirements. By doing so, you can determine how much it will cost for the task at hand and ensure you get quality service at a reasonable price.

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