how many calories do i burn from gardening?

Gardening is not just a simple hobby enjoyed by the British in the summertime; it can also be an incredibly rewarding way to lose weight. While gardening may not involve hard-core intensive exercises, it does provide key advantages and opportunities that other types of exercise cannot. Moderate-intensity exercises like gardening burn around 300 calories an hour.

This makes it an ideal activity for individuals who cannot do vigorous physical activity or have recently been injured. By replenishing flower beds, digging up weeds, mowing lawns, raking leaves, and more, you will be using up energy as you are bending and squatting while pushing yourself back up – all of which help to burn calories. Read on to learn more about it.

What is the Calorie Burn from Gardening?

What is the Calorie Burn from Gardening?

Working in the garden is a great way to get some much-needed exercise. Working in the garden can be enjoyable, but it also carries the added benefit of expending a good number of calories. Thre amount of calories burned depends on what type of activity you’re engaging in.

For instance, if digging and shoveling for half an hour, you can expect to burn up to 250 calories. Mowing the lawn at the same time will earn you 195 calories burned. Weeding may not sound like the most exciting activity, but you can still burn 105 calories while engaging in it.

Even raking requires moderate physical effort and results in 100 calories burned per half an hour period. All these activities may add up to significant calorie expenditure over time.

How Gardening Burns Your Calorie?

How Gardening Burns Your Calorie?

Gardening can be an effective way to tone your muscles and enjoy some time outdoors. Lifting, shifting, and carrying heavy items can help to develop your strength and build muscle quickly. Weeding, mowing, trimming hedges, and raking leaves will all add tone to your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and abdomen, as well as firm up those abs while squatting down in order to move or lift objects can shape your thighs and buttocks.

Not only that but running around a large garden or multi-leveled terrace is a great cardiovascular exercise without the need for expensive equipment such as a treadmill or rowing machine.

In addition, gardening not only helps you get fit, but it’s also key to a healthy lifestyle. Gardening can help with relaxation by getting out into nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s an enjoyable activity that anyone can participate in regardless of age or physical abilities, ultimately benefiting mental health and physical fitness.

Gardening is truly one of the best ways to stay healthy as it offers a wide range of health benefits, including improving an overall sense of well-being while relieving stress, anxiety, and depression in the process.

Is Gardening can be Good Excercise?

Is Gardening can be Good Excercise?

Yard work is great exercise and can incredibly benefit your physical health. It burns calories while also improving your flexibility and strengthening your muscles. Plus, it increases your heart rate, providing a great cardiovascular workout. These are just some of the reasons why yard work is an ideal form of exercise.

The health benefits you can expect from regular yard work go beyond simply burning calories. People who engage in frequent yard work tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than those who don’t. This exercise has also reduced the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses.

Additionally, regularly getting out in the garden can help improve physical strength and joint mobility due to activities such as lifting potted plants or digging holes for new flowers. All in all, it’s clear that regularly engaging in some form of yard work is one way to nourish both your body and mind – not to mention have a bit of fun in the meantime.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. How Many Calories Were Burned In 6 Hours Of Gardening?

Light gardening tasks such as planting and potting burn between 175 and 300 calories per hour. 450-550 calories are burned per hour by heavy-duty gardening tasks like tilling and pushing wheelbarrows.

2. How Many Calories Do 3 Hours Of Gardening Burn?

A gym session of weight lifting for an hour burns as many calories as a three-hour gardening session, according to Clyde Williams, professor of sports science at Loughborough University. This is approximately 600 to 700 calories.

3. Is Gardening Better Exercise Than Walking?

That’s right, indeed. As with walking and bicycling, gardening is a moderate to strenuous exercise. The muscles in all major body parts are worked by gardening: legs, buttocks, arms, shoulders, neck, back, and abdomen. Strengthening and burning calories are two benefits of using these muscles.

4. How Much Weight Can You Lose Gardening?

According to nutritionists at Loughborough University, it takes two to three hours to mow, dig, and plant, which can help you lose one pound per week. Weeding for 30 minutes and trimming hedges for 400 calories can burn 150 calories each.

5. Is Gardening More Calorie-Burning Than Walking?

Walking briskly burns about the same amount of calories as gardening. It might be a good idea to add yard work to your list of exercises to burn calories. Yard work can burn a decent amount of calories every hour based on how much you weigh and the type of work you do.


Gardening is a great way to get physical activity while enjoying nature. It can be an enjoyable exercise that offers many benefits, such as improving overall well-being and relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. Gardening can burn up to 300 calories per hour, depending on the type of task. Additionally, yard work has been linked to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of developing chronic illnesses.

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