Growing your own flowers, herbs, and vegetables is a rewarding experience that can give you fresh ingredients for cooking and delicious blooms to decorate your home. One of the first steps in this process is to find reliable sources of high-quality seeds.

With so many options available, you’ll want to find places that offer robust selections at great prices. Below are ten of the best places to buy seeds for your garden.

Seed Savers Exchange focuses on preserving rare and heirloom vegetable and flower varieties. This non-profit organization offers over 20,000 varieties of vegetables, flowers, grain crops, herbs, and much more.

All of their seeds are open-pollinated and 100% pure. In addition, they offer educational materials such as growing guides to help new gardeners learn how to create an abundant harvest. Read on to find out those stores’ details.

Here are 10 Best Places to Buy Herbs to Plant

1. Bloomscape

Bloomscape is a great place to buy herbs for planting. They offer a wide selection of herbs, including popular varieties like basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, mint, and parsley.

Their plants are grown in specially designed containers with high-quality soil and fertilizer to ensure the healthiest plants that thrive in your home. They also include helpful care instructions with every purchase so you can get the most out of your plants.

2. Burpee

Burpee is an excellent source of herb seeds and plants. They offer a variety of herbs, including wide heirloom varieties you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, they are committed to offering non-GMO seeds, so you can be sure that what you are planting is safe and natural.

3. Seed Savers Exchange

The Seed Savers Exchange is an incredible non-profit organization that has been helping maintain heirloom seed varieties since 1975. Heirloom seeds, prized by gardeners for their unique flavors, colors, and properties, are a part of our horticultural history.

Before commercial seed production came into play, these seeds were carefully passed down from generation to generation in small family gardens across the world.

By joining the Seed Savers Exchange, you can help to keep this timeless tradition alive. With more than 25,000 rare and heirloom varieties in its seed bank, the Exchange offers gardeners a variety of options for starting their own backyard gardens.

Not only does membership provide access to exclusive seeds not found elsewhere on a commercial scale, but it also grants members the opportunity to share or request their own homegrown flower, vegetable, and herb seeds from other members across the U.S., allowing you to expand your gardening knowledge like never before.

4. Park Seed

Park Seed is an excellent choice for gardeners looking for the best new varieties. This well-regarded company has been in operation since 1868 and offers a wide variety of seeds and plants for gardens, big and small. Many of the Park Seed offerings are exclusive to the company, such as heirlooms and open-pollinated varieties developed specifically for that purpose.

At Park Seed, you’ll find a broad inventory of annual flower, vegetable, herb, grass, fruit, and berry seed offering both traditional favorites as well as hybrids. And don’t forget the bulbs. These items enable you to create an oasis right in your own yard; many items are tailored to specific climates, either overwintering or adapting varieties.

With research conducted by their onsite staff agronomists, they ensure they always provide high-quality products. Best of all, they offer special discounts throughout the year, so be sure to sign up for their newsletter, so you don’t miss out.

5. is a great place to buy herbs to plant in your garden or home. They offer a wide variety of pre-packaged herb plants, seeds, and starter kits for those who want to start their own herb gardens from scratch. All the herbs they carry are chosen for their hardiness and adaptability, so you can be sure the plants you purchase will thrive in your home.

6. Ferry-Morse

Ferry-Morse is a leader in the seed industry and with good reason. Founded in 1856, the company is the oldest continuously operating seed company in the United States. From its humble beginnings to its current global scope, Ferry-Morse has been supplying gardeners around the world with high-quality plants and seeds for more than 150 years.

Few are as reliable as Ferry-Morse when it comes to finding budget-priced seeds. Whether you need flowers for your beds or vegetables for an edible garden, this company covers all your needs—and at great value too.

Their selection includes fruits, herbs, vegetables, and everything you need to create a thriving garden that won’t destroy your wallet. Plus, their seeds are guaranteed fresh for the best performance. Ferry-Morse is an excellent option for any gardener looking for value without compromising on quality results.

7. Botanical Interests

Botanical Interests offers a wide selection of flower, herb, and vegetable seeds for home gardeners and professional farmers. They also have some of the best seed packet designs in the industry. Each is printed with beautiful artwork that gives you a real insight into what to expect from each type of seed.

But it isn’t just their pretty designs that make Botanical Interests so appealing – the packets are full of detailed information to help you get your plants off to a fantastic start. Instructions on sowing depth and how much space to give between plants are included alongside gardeners’ tips such as providing beneficial insects more lodgings on-site or adding plant diversity to increase yields.

Plus, each pack is wrapped in an airtight plastic shield to protect every grain of seed until ready for planting. With reliable instructions like these, you can be sure you’ll have all the tools and knowledge necessary for perfect sowing every time.

8. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is a great source of herb seeds and plants. They offer a variety of herbs, including wide heirloom varieties you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, they are committed to offering non-GMO seeds, so you can be sure that what you are planting is safe and natural.

Their selection includes a wide range of herbs, from traditional favorites like rosemary and thyme to more unusual varieties like horseradish and lovage.

9. Eden Brothers

In 2009, a small family business in California began its journey and started to sell quality flower seeds online. Decades later, Eden Brothers have become an invaluable resource for gardeners, landscapers, and florists. They provide a wide variety of heirloom varieties and other hard-to-find flowers that will satisfy anyone’s green thumb needs.

From world-famous daylilies, poppies, and canna lilies to rare types of roses, begonias, and gladiolus, you can find anything you need on the Eden Brothers’ website. They have shipped more than 3 million orders of flower seeds across the globe since their inception in 2009, so customers can rest assured that they are buying from a trustworthy company.

Not only do they prioritize customer satisfaction with their high-quality products, but their customer service is also top-notch. They offer knowledgeable tips to aspiring green thumbs as well as discounts for larger orders.

10. Territorial Seed Company

Territorial Seed Company provides an extensive selection of organic seeds to gardeners who strive to be independent and self-sufficient. Founded in 1979, the company has grown to offer over 1,200 varieties of vegetables, flowers, and other edible plants.

This vast array of common and rare organic seed types allows gardeners at any level of experience to take pride in using organic products that are locally sourced and can save them money in the long run.

Highly knowledgeable writers such as Arricca Elin Sansone work with Territorial Seed Company to help inform everyday gardeners about health and lifestyle topics related to growing their own produce.

They’re driven by conservation-oriented projects like teaching people how growing food organically is better for themselves and the environment. Their passion for gardening helps ensure that gardeners have access to healthy options when starting or maintaining their personal gardens.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. Will Supermarket Herbs Grow?

Yes, of course. If you’d like to start a few new herbs in your garden, supermarket herbs sold as sprigs and cuttings (in flat clamshells) can be propagated at home easily. The cuttings from new green growth of herbs such as basil, rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme, and mint can be rooted in water.

2. What Is The Best Way To Plant Herbs?

When it comes to planting herbs, it truly depends on the type of herb you’re dealing with. For many herbs, such as basil and rosemary, you can simply start them from seed directly in the soil. However, other types of herbs may need a bit more TLC when it comes to their transplanting needs. In general, most herbs prefer well-draining soil and plenty of sunlight. To ensure they get the best start in life, it’s important to choose a location with good air circulation and make sure you water them regularly.

3. Can You Grow Herbs Anywhere?

In addition to being able to grow herbs in beds, borders, or containers on a patio, many herbs can be grown indoors in a greenhouse or in a windowsill, so it’s well worth trying them.

4. Where Do I Start A Herb Garden?

The best conditions for growing herbs are full sun, well-drained soil that is moisture-retentive and fertile, and soil rich in organic matter. In order to have a continuous supply of seeds through the spring and summer, sow seeds on a fortnightly basis during the months of April and May of plants that will go to seed rapidly, such as coriander and dill.

5. Do Herbs Need The Sun To Grow?

In spite of the fact that the majority of herbs prefer full sun, there are still a few herbs that thrive in the shade or require at least some shade to thrive. It is possible to enjoy the warmth of the sun while gardening with herbs in the shade.


There are a number of places you can buy herbs to plant, such as Eden Brothers, Territorial Seed Company, and even your local supermarket. Depending on the type of herb you’re looking for, the place to buy can be changed. However, the above-mentioned place is best to buy herbs from.

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